My name is Lindsay Wagensveld, often I go by L.E. Ellington in the internet world, and when it comes to my writing and books, as I feel it saves people trying to remember “that crazy Dutch name that starts with a W”

I live in British Columbia, Canada, it is beautiful and I love it. I have three kids, two are boys of the same age. I have for the moment, four fur babies as well, with the always likely chance someone will bring home another. I have a fair amount of grey hair for a not-quite-33-year-old.

My greatest dream in life is to write full time. I will write anyway, there is no choice in the matter, but if I could say; “Sorry kids, mommy has to work” while shutting the door to my own writing room/library, well then, dream fulfilled!

I do want to thank you, sincerely to each and every person who takes the time to check out this blog. Your comments, questions, and critiques are relished for they help me to grow, spur me on, and give me hope. Happy reading!