Can I simply call it “Ugh?”

It’s one of those days/weeks…

What do you do when you find yourself in a slump you can’t seem to shake? Chug more caffeine? Force yourself out the door for a walk? Delve into the pile of yet un-opened self help books? (I can’t be the only one who has one of those TBR piles, can I?)

I’m sick, which isn’t helping. The kids have seen fit, as a precursor to Christmas giving, to gift me with their germs. Maybe I’ve been fighting it for weeks, I know the exhaustion of caring for them hasn’t helped my melancholy. It lowered my immune system’s battlements and allowed the little assholes to march right in.

Add to that the fuel of all the unfinished crap I need to do, and the fires of my frustration are roaring. Instead of doing something though I’m laying here listening to the slush like snow dripping off the roof, and writing a post where I’m mostly bellyaching. It wasn’t my intention. I genuinely would like to know; how do you shake it when life gets you down?

Maybe it’s motherhood, maybe it’s winter…the days have been so gloomy I woke at 7am this morning (I slept in!) and assumed it was the middle of the night… There’s other reasons I won’t lament on…but please, tell me your secrets, or join me in a round of complaining, sometimes there is call for that as well.

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